Your Home Away From Home

March 19, 2017


One of my favourite things to do is cook; it allows me to decompress and refocus myself, it allows me to try new ideas, flavours, and recipes, and, best of all, it allows me to experience different cultures in a way that would normally only be possible through constant travel (as tempting as that would be). As I have come to know people from a wide variety of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and am reminded of my own great-grandmother’s stories of immigration to the United States, the one concept that I find myself returning to is the concept of “home” and what it means for each person.

In Spanish, the word “patria” (pah-tree-ah) means “homeland” or “motherland,” and refers to the place each of us calls home. While the concept of “home” is unique for everyone and can mean someone’s place of origin or simply the place where they feel most comfortable, food – particularly comfort food – is a unifying element that brings people from diverse backgrounds together by creating shared experiences and, in essence, helping to blur the lines between where each person comes from and where they feel welcome.

This site is about capturing and celebrating the unique qualities of comfort food from all over the world that help to create a bridge between the places we reside and the places we call home, as well as the stories that inspire each item. Many of the dishes are adaptations of foods I grew up eating or enjoyed trying, but I’m looking forward to expanding the boundaries of discovering the kinds of food that remind others of home as well. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Do you have a recipe that you’d like to see featured on this site that reminds you of home? Share it at diana [at], with the story behind the recipe (or what makes it comfort food for you)!

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