Celebrate Good Times

September 20, 2017

Blueberry Foldover with Earl Grey Tea

Yesterday marked the six-month anniversary (blog-iversary?) for this blog; a small amount of time, to be sure, but definitely one worth celebrating. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about, experience, and share the comfort food of cultures from 12 different countries (more than I’ve been to in my real life!) and draw some really cool comparisons.

One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered while making the food that goes into each blog post is just how similar the things that qualify as “comfort food” are, regardless of place of origin. Almost without exception, people look for the food that makes them feel at ease; this food is generally fried, starchy, or sweet, but most importantly, it has an emotional significance to it, whether because of tradition or because of a special celebration associated with it, that gives it that extra something. The other thing that stands out for me is the fact that so many of the dishes I’ve featured on the blog so far have roots in similar dishes from countries halfway around the world; who knew that northern Greece shared a love of baked beans with the United States? Or that meatballs aren’t just for complementing a plate of spaghetti, American-style, or coated in sauce, as in Italy, but can be served like the Danish do – with a light dill sauce? Food might be the way to your loved one’s heart, but it’s most definitely the way to better understanding the qualities that make each culture unique as well.

This blog – and Patria Photography as a whole – started as a chance for me to try new foods, photograph them, and de-stress while doing both; it’s turned into a great way for me to broaden my culinary horizons, expand what originally began as a hobby into a labour of love, and hopefully encourage others to try foods they might not have tried before. This blog is about much more than making a different dinner every couple of weeks, though – it’s about growing as a photographer, finding the parallels between the familiar and the novel in each culture, and letting each dish make its own impression.

I’m looking forward to continuing with more additions to the blog (and capturing dishes for others who may be looking for a photographer) – comment below and let me know what food is “comfort food” for you and where you’d like to see the blog travel next!

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    • Patria Photography says:

      Very cool! I’m the same way with food my family makes for certain occasions – I wait all year just to be able to taste it again. Thanks for the kind words – if there’s any special foods you’d like to see when I write about Scotland, please send them along! 🙂

      By the way, love your photography!


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